Janet Yellen: #Bitcoin’s Biggest Enemy or Greatest Asset?

As a new administration is sworn in, how will one if its most important officials – nominated Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen – impact the digital assets space?

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Today on the Brief:

  • Jack Ma is not dead
  • The latest in crypto M&A
  • Deutsche Bank survey sites bitcoin as biggest bubble

Our main discussion: Yellen’s impact on bitcoin and digital assets

In this episode, NLW breaks down the cryptocurrency FUD competing to be the “wall of worry” for the new 2021 bull market, including Tether FUD, environmental FUD and the idea that crypto is only used for crime.

The illicit transactions idea was given new oxygen when Janet Yellen repeated it in her Senate confirmation hearing this week. New research from Chainalysis shows, however, that the percentage of crypto volume involved in crime is decreasing.

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